Test Integration Services, Inc


Standard and Custom Products

We offer "off the shelf" designs and products as well as custom designs

We understand the fast paced environment you work in! Time to market is key to all of us. The manufacturers we represent have many standard products to choose from that will reduce leadtimes. We also understand that we have to be unique and have the ablity to think outside the box to provide custom solutions to fit your needs. We have the experience and industry knowledge to provide what you need.
  1. inTEST
    Tester, Prober and Handler Hardware WWW.INTEST.COM
  2. JEM America
    Probe Cards WWW.JEMAM.COM
  3. JF Micro Technologies
    Sockets, Contactors WWW.JFTECH.COM.MY
    Handlers, Testers WWW.CHROMAUS.COM